Gilmore and I promise to make you smile.

Hello and Welcome! I am Liz Huller Eisemann, storyteller at Gilmore the Dachshund. Gilmore and I live in sunny southern California. I am a Bostonian through and through but nothing beats this weather.  I draw a lot of fake snow!

Gilmore came to us on a plane from Texas in August 2015 at four months old. I wanted to draw him from the moment he stepped out of the crate and on to my lap!

I graduated from the Syracuse University School of Visual and Performing Arts years ago and while I have continued to always create this is the first time I have worked daily as an illustrator! It’s very scary, very humbling and tons of fun!  Illustrating every day has brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined!

Every dog owner has their very own story. When I draw a custom portrait I take time to find the narrative for that special story with conversations and photos. I am lucky to have worked with wonderful clients big and small. Who knew drawing for other people was so much fun? I am truly grateful for the kind words I have received. Read what my clients are saying Reviews and Testimonials. and go ahead and look around I am happy to share my joy! 


I am happy to draw a custom portrait, a memorial portrait, logos and design collaborations , anything you may have in mind.

If you are interested in working together or just want to know more about us,

do not hesitate to contact me. I love drawing for other people.