About Liz and Gilmore  dachshund drag

Hello and Welcome

I am Liz Huller Eisemann, storyteller and chief everything at Gilmore & Friends.

In 2015 Gilmore traveled from Texas to California by airplane at 4 months old.  I wanted to draw him from the moment he stepped out of his crate and on to my lap!

Gilmore is our second red standard Dachshund and a wonderful muse. He is a sweet happy dog and as stubborn as a dachshund from head to toe, although he is a bit better behaved and not quite as adventurous as my drawings of him portray.

I graduated the with a BFA from Syracuse University (you do not need to know how long ago) and have had a few careers that filled me with great satisfaction and pride but illustrating every day has brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined!

Recently, Gilmore moved with my husband and I  back to his home state of Texas. I am originally from Boston and loved living in sunny california but still a Bostonian through and through.

I have found my happy place, a wonderful space in a bright little building at Watergate Yachting Center, Clear Lake Shores that I share with two very lovely accomplished oil painters.

I am beyond grateful for all the clients I have worked with drawing cats, dachshunds, hedgehogs, boxers, poodles, shih tzus, wheaton terriers, jack russels, wire haired fox terriers, golden retrievers, mutts and great danes just to name a few… and we still do a happy dance every time I make a sale in my Esty shop.

Let’s work together and create something wonderful today.

Thank you for having a look around, I am happy to share my joy with you.

row of tiny hearts


Picking up Gilmore at the airport

Gilmore the Dachshund © The Longest Wiener CrownGilmore wears a crown because he was named the Longest Wiener 4 years in a row @SocalWienerfest !


I love making drawings that make people smile!

Goodwill Gilmore, the charitable paw of Gilmore & Friends has been busy the past few years supporting the following charitable organiztions…

One One Health Partners Toronto, Canada and the Montrose Center Houston, Kentucky Dachshund Rescue, Socal Wienerfest Huntington Beach, Socal Wienerfest Huntington Beach, Cape Cod Doxie Day, Trans Family Support San Diego, RedRover.org, Little Paws Dachshund Rescue,  Lovely Loaves, Dream Dachshund Rescue, All American Dachshund Rescue, Desert Valley Dachshund Club, Florida Dachshund Rescue, Hearts 4 Doxies Rescue, San Diego Dachshund Club and the Dachshund Club of Southern California.