Gilmore the Dachshund © Dala Daxie (Swedish Design)  WELCOME

Gilmore & Friends greeting card and gift, 
promises to make you smile and even laugh out loud.
Gilmore and Friends drawing of two dachshunds playing in the water with a big beach ball!
 Every Gilmore & Friends’ greeting card and gift is designed from original drawings,
 filled with mischief, a little bit of mayhem, and always tons of JOY!  Take a close look,
there could be something amusing to see on the back of a card and maybe a surprise inside.

yippee! Gilmore & Friends wholesale is here!

Stock up and spread the JOY!

Adorable moving scooter with great dane and dachshund

Gilmore & Friends always designed with Designed with heart Gilmore the Dachshund © San Diego, CA


Gilmore and Friends @gilmorethedachshund herman the hedgehog and blue bird on a laptop

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