Sammi and Sandi Commission

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custom drawing of two 16 year old dachshunds delivering flowers on a pink bicycle
This delightful duo is a pair of 16 year old mini dachshunds.
Sammi is always in charge although they both have big personalities.
I hope Sandi isn’t too scared going down that hill!
I was so happy to draw them as they are patients at a clinic I used to work at! 
Do not hesitate to ask me about a drawing your dog. I love doing commissions.

3 Responses

  1. Betsy

    Wow 16 and their still riding a bike! They’re adorable. Are they going to be a card ?

    • Gilmore The Dachshund

      hahaha! it is a custom portrait. so probably not a card. but I am so happy you liked it! thank you

  2. Sharon Sprouse

    Congratulations to Sandi and Sammi for winning the contest. They are the funniest pair of dachshunds! I miss seeing them since I retired as their Veterinarian! Congratulations Tina!

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