personalized holiday cards

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adorable dachshund snow globe
almost everything this year for the holidays is snow globes
Once and a while something really special happens at Gilmore the Dachshund¬©….

All Gilmore drawings and products have a story behind them….and the story of this Snow Globe begins with a commissioned portrait of a 14 year old girl in her christmas pajamas and her beloved dachshund, Peanut.

The original Christmas pajamas had a dachshund and a snow globe in the design and as Gilmore the Dachshund © has seen the inside of many a Snow Globe this was the perfect opportunity to add a carrot stealing naughty dachshund and a snowman to this very fun and special portrait.

Now I can’t stop drawing Snow Globes!
I have a few different dachshunds snow globes that can easily be personalized just send me an email and we can figure out a plan for your cards.

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