wish I could be there

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oh my…. time flies even in difficult times. Mother’s Day is next weekend. Wow!
let Gilmore the Dachshund© help and send a card for you! We love doing SIGN and SEND it’s easy and it’s on SALE.
every time someone orders a SIGN and SEND we do a happy dance
because we know it will make someone very happy to receive your card! 


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Gilmore’s birthday Fundraiser- GIVEAWAY
ends in 3 days
The PRIZE is a custom portrait!
To enter the GIVEAWAY purchase the brand new funny #gilmoresayspleasestayhome t-shirt or tote
at bonfire.com and you are automatically entered

12-15% goes to a great organization RedRover.org
resources for people and pets affected by COVID -19

this GIVEAWAY is worldwide