name that goldfish

if you click on this drawing it takes you to the movie on instagram:-)

mum’s really awesome GIVE-AWAY ends tonight  at midnight so go ahead name my new goldfish as many times as you like! each new name in a new comment please.

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  1. Bailey and Riley 😎

    We never asked you Gilmore…is it a girl or a boy goldfish??

  2. Irving

  3. Sally. You didn’t say if it was a boy or girl. !!

  4. Frankie

  5. Winston

  6. Wendy

  7. Hilda

  8. Abbey

  9. Burt

  10. Goldie

  11. Rusty

  12. Seemore

  13. Roxie

  14. MORRIS

  15. Glenda

  16. WANDA

  17. Penelope

  18. Constance

  19. Mozart

  20. Sandra

  21. Cuddles

  22. Riley

  23. Bailey and Riley

    Reasons for the name oF Gilmore’s goldfish: Tang

    Chinese living during the artistically-inclined Tang Dynasty (610-907), began to develop ornamental water gardens which they stocked with a gold variation of the silver Prussian carp from which the goldfish sprang. Goldfish have come to represent surplus and wealth in the Chinese culture. According to the principles of feng shui, even a painting of a gold fish is said to bring good fortune to it’s owner!

    We did this research AFTER we came up with the name we thought appropriate – ‘Tang’ ☺️

  24. Huey

  25. Bailey and Riley 😎


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